Confirmation Criteria

The moderators tasked with confirming squares are reasonable people who volunteer their time to try and provide helpful information to enhance the game. They actively engage with the community to determine what constitutes a good sighting. They do their best, they're not robots and they use DVRs to review footage and make the best calls that they can.

Each term in the game has had its fair share of debate about what constitutes a confirmed sighting and we consider that living history when confirming each sighting. Details on each would be lengthy and tiresome, so here are some general rules of thumb.

For most found objects, it's best to actually see the item in question on screen. Talking about it is usually not something that will get counted.

For drugs where the found item could easily be something else, we want to see a test performed or confirmation from conversations that the particular drug in question was there.

Squares focused on officer gear, like Taser and Assault Rifle are so common that we want to see them out of their holster/storage for use, but not necessarily deployed.

For most crimes, it needs to be clear from discussion or visible evidence that they actually occurred. Frequently officers respond to reports of burglary or shoplifting where no evidence of those actually exists.

As a general rule, if it's in the studio, we don't count it. Otherwise Tattoos, Gun Show, Camouflage, etc would be a given every night.

Likewise, clips or advertisements for other shows including PD Cam, Wanted, Live Rescue, etc. are not counted.

Wanted and Missing segments are part of the show and as long as the footage or images are new to the show, it will be counted.

If you see something we didn't, mark it on your card and if we don't confirm it by the next commercial break, feel free to let us know in the Discord channel, we do our best to confirm things right away, but are often behind the live feed as we rewind frequently.

There is a feature request to include criteria for each item along with the definitions. We might get to that, but see below.

Bottom line: You are the ultimate judge as to whether you get a bingo or not. There's no money on the line and it's supposed to be fun. We offer our observations and best judgement as confirmations so you can easily see any squares you might have missed, but there will always be those marginal calls that reasonable people disagree on. Don't let it distract from an enjoyable evening watching the show.