mission statement


True Aviators, formed by Adam and Jana, has a passion to share unique aviation experiences in Classic, Vintage and Ex -Military aircraft. Their unswerving focus is to ensure that every guest enjoys a tailored, personal, one on one experience whether in the air or on the ground. They believe in exciting aircraft, aviators that have a genuine passion for what they do, and constantly developing a profile to support an environment that most only dream of.


Adam began flying at the age of 14 in his home town Masterton, New Zealand. After running short on funds he started flying with the local gliding club, driving the winch used for towing gliders to altitude in exchange for flying lessons. At this same time he purchased a Microlight worth seven and a half weeks pay to keep learning as much as possible about aviation.


He also crewed for hot air balloons at a local annual balloon fiesta, helping to build his airmanship and knowledge of other aviation disciplines. Having acquired his PPL in 2004 while working in a petrol station to fund his flying hours, and living in a campervan to keep his living expenses to a minimum, he started flying the Tiger Moth to get his "hands and feet working" and build tail dragger hours.

Arriving in Omaka, Blenheim in 2006 the CJ6A Nanchang became the next challenge in the list of goals to be achieved.

He received training for "old aeroplane flying" from some special friends, and was able to experience flight in a single seat 1916 WW1 biplane with a machine gun mounted on the front cowling!! Traveling around NZ since, he has flown Tiger Moths, Citabria, Stearman, Champ, Piper Cubs,
Nanchang’s and has over 500 hours in a Pitts Special. Since moving to Australia he has gained a twin engine rating in the Beech 18 and flies the Yak 52 and Nanchang.

He enjoys watching people jump out of the back of the skydive aircraft he flies and helping achieve the perfect shot with aerial photography clients.

Most of all he enjoys flying passenger rides in ex military warbirds, classic and vintage aircraft, and giving people the opportunity to get up close to special aircraft. If he`s not in the air you`ll find him flying model aircraft, reading about aeroplanes, or thinking about them!!

Adam enjoys sharing an adventure filled life with Jana, building projects in his shed, dreaming up plans for an airfield of his own one day, not wasting time, ice cream, being outside, P-40`s and Lancaster’s, and spending time with family and friends.