Russian Bare over Turquoise Waters on Canvas - Image #1

"Russian Bare over Turquoise Waters" on Canvas

This striking shot was captured by our friend and filming genius Stephen Turner on a recent expedition over the Gulf of St Vincent, South Australia.

We reckon he`s perfectly captured one of the many spectacular scenic backdrops possible with True Aviators flight options, and we feel confident that there is a place in anyone`s home for this magnificent moment in time!!

Image printed on canvas and framed. These images are printed on a 440 gsm Textile/ Artistic Canvas using waterproof Eco Sol long lasting UV stable inks. Image size 450 x 300mm. Framed on a premium 42 x 19 mm New Zealand pine. Canvas is stretched onto frame and stapled onto the rear and covered with a 40mm wide strip of black felt for presentation and surface protection.