Pitts Special Loop - Image #1

Pitts Special Loop

Enjoy this magnificent photo captured by Danish photographer Joachim Wichmann of Adam and his Pitts Special S2A. Seen looping next to the Remarkable Ranges of Queenstown, NZ, the Pitts Special is an iconic aerobatic design which dates back to the


Considered one of the most popular and widespread aerobatic biplanes of all time, you`ll be able to celebrate designer Curtiss Pitts` masterpiece in your home whenever you choose!!

This is one of a series of three, you may like to have a look at the other two panels and decide if there is a special place for all three together.

Image printed on canvas and framed. These images are printed on a 440 gsm Textile/ Artistic Canvas using waterproof Eco Sol long lasting UV stable inks. Image size 450 x 300mm. Framed on a premium 42 x 19 mm New Zealand pine. Canvas is stretched onto frame and stapled onto the rear and covered with a 40mm wide strip of black felt for presentation and surface protection.