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In the Cockpit 2

Upon receiving this beautiful book you`ll be captivated with the "puffy" hardcover. Soft to touch, and textured to simulate a historical leather binding, you`ll journey back in time as you read of the foundation aircraft that make the flights we enjoy today seem so effortless.

Take the time to sit in a comfy armchair and lose your self in the variety of flying machines documented after starting with a thoughtful foreword by aviation extraordinaire Bob Hoover. As the sequel to "In the Cockpit", this edition focusses entirely on World War Two aircraft cockpits. Guaranteed to educate you on some of the more unusual and unknown aircraft of this era!!

Masterfully created by Roger D. Conner and Christopher T. Moore, with accompanying photography by Eric F. Long and Mark A. Avino.

Highly recommended by us for all who will appreciate a high quality read, and enjoy the visual satisfaction of a classy and elegant time capsule complimenting their collection. Enjoy :-)